The Spiritual Workshop

Spirituality and living Spiritually is the secret to living a happy and successful life filled with Love, Joy, and Abundance. It’s also the unlimited pathway to reduced stress and anxiety, and better health.

It’s time… Leave the drama behind!
The Spiritual Workshop will show you how.

Enlightenment is for Everyone!

Enlightenment is for AllThe Spiritual Workshop will be a series of courses, books, and live workshop events all geared to sharing the secrets of Spirituality and Enlightenment.

The first component is The Spiritual Workshop Community. This is a group of special people who want to explore the higher aspects of life in a safe, learning environment.

Learn about the Spiritual Self and how to use the unlimited power already living inside you to create and live a more gratifying, fulfilling, and happier life. A Spiritual Life.

This is Enlightenment and it is for you, too. It’s for everyone. You can do this.

Living Spiritually is easy and natural and is the best thing you can do for yourself and our world.

What’s It All About?

People want answers. And they should have them.

•  Why are we here?
•  What is my purpose?
•  Is there a God?
•  Is Success and Happiness attainable for me?

There are many misconceptions about Spirituality. Often, people confuse the various tools for living Spiritually with Spirituality itself.

Meditation, ceremonies, as well as healing arts like Reiki are only means to an end. They are not the end. Many people make the mistake of believing: ‘I meditate, so I am Spiritual’. This is not true.

One who meditates can be Spiritual but one is not necessarily Spiritual just because she meditates. Meditation is a Spiritual activity, for sure, but there is much more to being and living Spiritually.

The Spiritual Workshop

The Workshop

The Spiritual Workshop Community is dedicated to helping each person find their answers. Though the initial answers may be different each in his or her own time will ultimately arrive at the same universal Truths.

Through a series of monthly lessons, live webinar training which include questions and answers, and a Private member only Facebook page, where seekers can develop new friends and relationships to help each other, and where Bruce also will have Bi-Weekly Office Hours to answer questions and get to know members, you will learn, understand, and make improvements to your life, leading to a higher level of existence filled with: More Happiness, Increasing Levels of Success, and an Abundance of Love.

Who doesn’t want those things?