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The Spiritual Meaning
of Letting Go…

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let it go


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We often hear the term ‘Let it go’, especially in spiritual groups. But what does that mean… really? And what’s the spiritual connection? These questions and some of the misunderstandings around these questions are discussed in this short article.

Let It Go...

“You have to let it go!” is a statement often heard. You might here this from a therapist dealing in the psychological realm, or in a spiritual context, or even from a friend trying to help you through a difficult time.


Sometimes, it is used by a person who’d really love to help you but doesn’t know how. So, they mindlessly employ this phrase hoping that it will end the conversation. Other times, they feel as helpless as you and, in an attempt to feel better about themselves (more than to help you), utter this phrase in a momentary fit of exasperation.

“Let it go!” Those in the ‘spiritual’ arena have been heard sharing this expression, too. All too often, it is never followed up with a real definition of what that means or how to do it. (Personally, I’ve never been handed a manual telling me how to do this, have you?)


And then there’s the confusion of what it is that we’re really letting go of. Some people may freak out at the next sentence, but please don’t. Please read on. The meaning of what you’re about to read may not be what you think.

Here’s what you’re really letting go of: Your ‘possessions’. As I said, that may be difficult to learn, until you understand what possessions are.

Possessions are not objects or devices or even luxury items we may have in our lives. Your house, your car, your jewelry are not possessions. Yes, you do possess them, but they are not possessions. Not in the spiritual sense, so please feel free to keep them.

Key Takeaway...

Possessions are not objects or devices or even luxury items we may have in our lives. Your house, your car, your jewelry are not possessions.

Those are just things. And things are meant to be ‘experienced’. So go ahead and enjoy them without any guilt or worry. They are not necessarily a problem. However, these must be kept in context, or they will become a problem.

We’ve all seen people who are obsessed with the ‘things’ in their lives. These folks may seem happy on the surface but deep inside, they are not. They’re using their things to avoid their inner world and any discomforts they may have.

Things are not you. They do not define you. And, having them does not elevate your status. They’re just things and, in the bigger picture, are meaningless.

But ‘things’ can unknowingly become distractions and then are more likely to diminish one’s life. This is why awareness is so important. It helps properly contextualize things.

So, What are Possessions? 

From the spiritual perspective, ‘possessions’ are the emotional hurts and pain we hang onto, cling to, as we erroneously believe they bring comfort. They don’t. But we’ve become so used to feeling them that they become placebos for the happiness we all seek.

In fact, they are products of the Ego self and are energies within that we create. If we let them, these will influence our behaviors and control and shape our lives, mostly in ways we’d rather they not. This is a connection to our spiritual nature.

But the worst aspect of these hidden influencers is that they stand between you and your higher, True Self and your God Self, which is the other aspect of the connection to our spiritual nature. And that’s an even bigger problem.

So, ‘letting go’ of our possessions is imperative for all who aspire to a higher consciousness existence.

Let it go

You Are In Control. Drop Your Baggage and Feel The Freedom.

Confusion and Letting Go

We often confuse the idea of ‘letting go’ with ‘forcing out’ — like we must push something away or make it leave.

That’s not what letting go is. Here’s why: We are the ones holding onto our emotional baggage, often clutching it with relentless ferocity. So, forcing it out becomes impossible. There’s an internal tug of war going on. Why would we do this?

The fundamental answer is simple: Fear and comfort. We’ve grown comfortable with the discomfort these energies bring, as if this is the ‘normal’ way to feel. And we are afraid of what might happen if these innately uncomfortable feelings were suddenly gone.

“What might take their place?”, we silently wonder. We are more afraid of the unknown that might come, rather than the known, which we already understand is painful and not in our best interest.

So, we hold onto these energies, making them our possessions. We keep them, locking them in place as placebos for comfort.

For many, the term ‘let it go’ conjures up a process of eviction — of kicking the unwanted energy to the curb. But, as previously discussed, we’re reluctant to do this due to the perceived comfort we believe our possessions offer.

The Process of Letting Go

Letting go is the opposite of an eviction or forceful push to rid ourselves of any unwanted thoughts and physical feelings lodged deep within the depths of our beingness.

As the term says, we must ‘let’ it go. Another term for ‘let’ is allow. We must ‘allow’ our possessions to leave. This means we must relent. We must allow and enable them to leave. We must move out of the way — stop blocking the exit — so that they can leave.

In fact, this contrary energy does not want to stay with you. It is uncomfortable being there and that is the discomfort you feel. It wants to leave just as much as you want it gone. It is you who desperately cling to this energy, even though it causes you pain and suffering.

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Understanding how to let it go becomes easier if you think about the energy within as an entity unto itself – a self-aware, living, breathing thing with its own agenda.

It is an injured party, like a poor little bird who wants to fly but cannot because it has a broken wing. You are a creator. You created that bird and you have the power to heal its wing.

To heal that uncomfortable energy within, you must get to know it with genuine interest, compassion, and love, rather than loathing and a desire to be ‘rid’ of it.

Force or Love?

You cannot force out that which you are unwilling to allow to leave. But you can love it. Hear its story and feel its pain. And that feeling process — to actually feel the energy within — and allow it to express all its messages to you, is essential.

This is a mutually cathartic healing for both you and it — the energy. It needs your love and compassion. Its creation was likely the result of an unconscious (unaware) moment of creating on your part. But since you created it, it is part of you and deserves your love, as you are its creator.

Like the injured bird, it wants to fly. You must ‘let’ it. You must allow it to flee the nest as a parent does when their child goes off to its first day of nursery school.

You are the one standing in the way. You must stop being the barrier. Willingly and happily open the door and stand aside to ‘let’ it leave. Letting go is not a process of using force, but it is not passive, either.

Active or Passive?

Action is needed. You must cajole this energy to help it leave. This is the process of listening, feeling, and loving it, even if you relive and feel some temporary emotional pain during this process. That pain, if it is felt at all, will cease quickly and is a very small price to pay for the understanding, increased consciousness, and accumulation of wisdom that allowing the discomfort to leave will bring.

That is the only work we must do. The rest of the process is natural and passive.

We simply ask the energy if it is ready to leave. If it says no, simply go back to your conversation and continue to listen, with love and compassion.

If it says yes, allow and assist it through visualization. See it as it slowly ascends from the area where it had been living, most likely around the solar plexus area. You will feel it move slowly up the core of your body.


As it ascends, it may temporarily stop in your throat chakra. And then you might feel it continue its gentle movement upward and out of the top of your head, out from the crown chakra. This can feel like a little tingle or tickle on the top of your head.

Let it go

Like a Bird, Let Them Fly!

There is another way it might leave, too. This way is a little more ‘demonstrative’ and a little more physical.

Sometimes the energy will have enough strength and desire to leave very quickly, so it will go directly out through the throat chakra, making its exit through the mouth. This creates a feeling like you might vomit. You may even experience some gagging, as if you are throwing up, but it is unlikely that you actually will.

This is quick and temporary and is a result of the energy leaving. Afterward, you will experience a feeling of relief and calm. This, too, can be powerful. Feel the love within.

That is how to ‘Let it go.’

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