We all want success.

Whatever your goals - small or large, selfish or altruistic - there's a wonderful ​feeling of joy to be experienced when goals and dreams manifest, transforming to a beautiful reality.

​This is success. And the internal satisfaction ​felt ​when accomplishing a goal is a valuable motivator to create and accomplish even greater ​things​.

Although there is nothing wrong with success and the good feelings of accomplishment that go along with it, there is one important factor to keep in mind: Success, accomplishment, and desire all derive from Ego self. This is not necessarily bad, but it must be considered as one moves forward with life.


The short answer is this: For most people, the Ego self actively uses these sorts of things to take away their power; to control their lives. Its ultimate goal is to actively limit the level of real happiness that can be experienced.

Now, of course, this​ is truly ironic because, at the same time, the Ego self actively pursues its version of accomplishment (which often is an ​illusion) just ​to validate its own existence​.

So, where does real success come from? Is it a matter of education and intellect (which are Ego self connections)?  Or, are there other forces at work?

It is my experience that there are other forces at work. If this were not the case, all thoughtful, hardworking people would be successful, right? 

But that is not what we see in the world. Good smart people fall and fail all the time. ​This has been my experience, too. I have experience lots of failure. And I have fallen on very hard times.

Many years ago, I started my first business. I worked very hard at that business ​and struggled to make it successful.

Success finally came only when I began taking advantage of my inner guidance, listening to the wisdom my True Self had been offering. Only then did my business really take off and become successful, almost overnight.

True success is available to all and can be experienced by all. Connecting with and listening to the loving guidance of the True Self is how to guarantee success.