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Spirituality is misunderstood. Some think it’s only about meditation.
Others think it’s strange or weird and forces one to act or behave in a certain way.

And then there are those who associate Spirituality with all sorts of practices,
rituals, and even crystals, psychics, and UFO’s.

The truth is, Spirituality isn’t about any of those things...
but it encompasses all of them.

Spirituality: The How To Guide Discover Critical Information for Transformation

(Please Note:  We're all Spiritual beings. This is our true nature, our essence;
and the source of extraordinary power.)

It is up to each of us to choose whether we'd like to learn, understand, and accept a reality
based on consciousness, or live within the confusing shadows of unawareness.

Spirituality and
Fundamental Truth

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Fanatical Awareness
Know the 'Self'

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Meditation and Other Tools

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Excerpts from Bruce's Life

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I Use These Meditation Techniques
to Achieve Higher Consciousness

Your life can be better. Our world can be better.
Improvements come naturally when you reach 
Higher levels of Consciousness.

Consciousness increases when you feel connected to
the inner essence of you the real you – and this is the key to the
happiness, success, and joy-filled life you desire.

Meditation can be a powerful tool to help.
But it is not passive. It is an active process.
Power-up your meditations with these simple,
easy-to-do, breathing and visualization techniques.
(Can be incorporated into any meditation practice)

Free Guide with detailed, step-by-step instructions. Get It Now...

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a very simple concept, especially at its most fundamental level.

If we look at this ‘bigger picture’, Spirituality is just this: We, each one of us, are Spiritual Beings. We are not bodies with Spirits. We are Spirits who currently inhabit bodies.

So, by nature, we’re already Spiritual. Even if you know nothing about being Spiritual or do the most terrible and hurtful things to others, it doesn’t matter. You are Spiritual.

Spirituality Defined

There’s lots of confusion about this, so a quick look at the real definition of Spirituality might help.

Spirituality, simply stated, is taking the necessary actions to reconnect and maintain a relationship with the different aspects of the Inner Self, or Inner ‘Selves’.

I say Inner Selves because we all have more than one energy acting within.

Sometimes, these energies are at odds with one another. Other times, they’re in complete agreement.

The Goal or Point of Spirituality

So, why should any of this matter? That’s a good question and the answer will be different for each person, depending upon their current level of consciousness.

At the deepest level, though, it matters because understanding ourselves and reclaiming the power we each have is one of the reasons each of us is here.

The other reason is a little more mystical. God, (which is a word I don’t like to use because it has so many misconceptions associated with it but I will use it here for lack of another term with the same commonality), is consciousness.

Consciousness encompasses everything; no exceptions. God = Consciousness and Consciousness = Everything.

So, given this, the other reason for each of us to be here is simply this: To help Consciousness expand and grow through the experience of the world, and all it can offer to us, and all each one of us can offer to it, both good and bad.

In other words, we are the eyes, ears, and feelings of Consciousness, or God. Whether we intend to, or not, we are ‘serving’ God just by being here.


Knowing that we are already serving, one might thing that there is an expectation that we do certain things, believe a particular way, and behave in a way that has been defined by us as ‘good’.

Here’s a bit of interesting news. There are no expectations placed upon us.

How can this be?

The answer to this also is simple: There is no judgment. God, or Consciousness, does not judge. There is no good or bad at that level. There’s only experience leading to growth and wisdom.

What’s Really Inside?

When you unlock the door to the Inner Selves and reconnect with this aspect of you – the real God that you already are – you will find that there are several components within.

These are the components of the Inner Self, which become apparent when one develops deep Self Awareness, or what I call Fanatical Awareness:

  1. 1
    The God Self:  This is what gave your body life and keeps it alive and is a proportionate share of the Greater God, or Consciousness
  2. 2
    The Individualized Self:  This is how we each experience the world – our own personal experience – and consists of 2 distinct energies: The Ego self and the True Self.
  3. 3
    The Communicator:  This is the bridge between the God Self and the Individualized Self. It is there so that we are able to have and maintain complete and total Free Will. We (the Individualized Self) gets to make choices without the influence of the God Self. It maintains its distance from us and never judges our choices. Never.

This is what we all have inside. Spirituality is all about developing the relationship and wisdom to know and understand each of these aspects and making a choice to listen to and live and react from the True Self aspect of the Individualized Self.

Sounds easy, and it can be. But it does have challenges. It is my goal to help all those who are drawn to this site to understand and overcome these challenges.

Take Your Meditations To the Next Level

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Power Meditation
Power Meditation

About Bruce

Bruce Bernstein has been a student of all things spiritual for over 35 years. As many do, he began with books, crystals, and other group activities. But his search became a solo journey. He had no teachers or gurus to consult with and this forced him to look within, to his inner guidance. This is where he found the best information and answers to his questions. He now teaches the things he learned with the hope of helping others more quickly accomplish what he did — to raise their level of consciousness — and to do it faster, more directly, and with fewer challenges.

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