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Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida

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Ron Desantis Calibration


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Ron DeSantis, Governor
State of Florida, USA

This post was Updated on March 14, 2023...

With the United States of America’s Presidential election season rapidly approaching, revisiting the calibrated level of consciousness for U.S. politicians who may have presidential aspirations seems appropriate.


In this article, you will find the updated calibrated level of consciousness, for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The calibration is a measurement expressed as a value described on Map of Consciousness, which is a logarithmic scale developed, published, copyrighted and trademarked by Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD.

The calibrated level of consciousness for Mr. Ron DeSantis, governor of the State of Florida, was first measured on Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness on April 24, 2020.

Today, March 14, 2023, the level of consciousness for Governor DeSantis was revisited and a new measurement was taken — re-calibrated.

Following this update is the original calibration and post made for the governor back in 2020.

Here is the latest measurement taken today:

The current average Calibrated Level of Consciousness for the last 60 days, as measured on the Map of Consciousness for Ron DeSantis, Governor of the State of Florida in the U.S.A., is 212.

Key Takeaway...

The current average Calibrated Level of Consciousness for the last 60 days, as measured on the Map of Consciousness for Ron DeSantis, Governor of the State of Florida in the U.S.A., is 212.

This new measurement of Governor DeSantis’ level of consciousness is a substantial drop from the prior measurement made in 2020, when he was measured at level 342. The new measurement, at 212, represents 13% drop when compared to the totality of the scale of the Map of Consciousness, which spans from zero to 1,000. (130 drop/1000 = 13%) This drop also repersent a 38% decrease from the governor's prior measured level of 342. (342-212 = 130, 130/342 = 38%).

So, what happened?

It is not known why Governor DeSantis changed. It is not possible to know his internal drivers and motivations or his thought processes. However, something clearly shifted within him, at least in how he chooses to express himself outwardly to the world.

Unfortunately, this is a trap many public figures fall into. And his choices and behaviors as leader of Florida very clearly illustrate and support this new measurement.

During the last few years as governor of Florida, Mr. DeSantis has become increasingly focused on imposing his limited and limiting value system on others. He has encouraged the state legislature to pass laws, which he then signed, that limit self expression and devalue the lives, choices, and differences of others.

He has championed laws that limit free speech and expression, which includes extensive banning of books in school libraries, has stifled efforts by the news media to question him and has hidden facts from the public and the press, and has even punished those who have questioned his authority and the limiting ideals and values he has chosen to impose on others.

These actions, and more, point to a shift within him toward authoritarianism, which is a shift in his governing style since he was first elected governor.

Intolerance has become his internal motivator, which has been externally expressed in the imposition of his ideals on others. This, in addition to negative labeling of those whose lifestyles he disagrees with, have become the foundation of his persona and current governing style.

These shifts in his behavior and willingness to force others to conform to his choices and definition of life are very clear indications that his level of consciousness has dropped substantially from where it was when first measured in 2020.

The following is the unedited post with the initial calibration first made for Governor DeSantis in 2020:

Calibrated Level: 342

There are those who have expressed interest in Governor DeSantis’ calibration at this time, especially since he has aligned himself with individuals with decidedly low calibrated levels of consciousness, and is making far reaching decisions about his state as the coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic rages on.

Due to the governor's affiliations and identification with folks who whose calibrated level of consciousness is at lower levels, which does call into question their motivations and goals – Are they really for the benefit of the people they serve? Or, are they more in line with their own selfish needs? – it is appropriate to wonder about the calibrated level of Governor DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis does calibrate higher than many of the people whom he supports, but not high enough to reject many of their ideals and motivations. In the calibration just completed, Governor Ron DeSantis calibrates at the level 342 as measured on the scale of the Map of Consciousness.

This calibrated level is above the level of integrity, which is 200. Apparently, though, this level is not high enough for the Governor to see past some of the dogmatic ideals and motivations of those he supports and mimics who calibrate far lower, and which can endanger the lives of thousands living in Florida.

For more information about calibrations, and calibrations of additional political and other public figures and events, please click here.

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