Law of Attraction Guide

Books I've Read

I was impacted in some way after reading the books listed below. Their inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean that I agree with everything within them, or followed all or even any of their advice. And, I read many more books not listed. Those below represent a smattering of beginner to advanced information I thought would be most useful to you.

Each of these did, at the very least, motivate me to continue along my path of Spiritual and Self exploration. Plus... They're all very good reads. (I'll admit that Hawkins' books are not the easiest to get through, but the information contained therein is well worth the extra effort.)

If interested in more information about any of these books, each is a clickable link that will take you to Amazon, where you can learn more and, if you'd like, purchase.

Please Note: Using the links below to purchase these books does help support this web site.

Books I've Not Read (But are probably very good!)

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