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Bruce Bernstein

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As Seen/Heard about on Von Galt's
Podcast — Merkaba Chakras

Interview with Bruce Bernstein

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Von Galt's Podcast

Transformational Spirituality

Life Awakened

Discover Your God Self...

5 Aspects of
Your Soul

Discover The 5 Powerful Aspects of Your Spiritual Nature!

Life can be confusing and sometimes we make choices that don't turn out well.

  • Who to date or marry?
  • Which job to take?
  • Should I buy that new car?
  • And more.

When you know about your 5 'inner selves' you gain the power to use them to YOUR advantage and your life will become easier, happier, and more successful.

The Spiritual Information Everyone Needs...

but Is Not Taught by Many Religions

Short Report Reveals Heaps of Wisdom...

The 5 Aspects of the Soul

Discover your true Spiritual nature. There's more going on inside you right now — even as you read this — than you know! The 5 Essential Elements of Spirituality.

The Key to Unlimited Happiness

Developing your 'Inner Awareness' is the key to real happiness. You can do this! Everyone can. We're all the same inside.

You Are a God!

You have a God Self. It's inside you. Always has been. How do I know this? If it weren't, you would not be alive. The problem we all have is connecting to this inner-world resource.

About the Author

Bruce Bernstein

Bruce is a published author, speaker, student/teacher of Spirituality, and founder of The Spiritual Workshop. Beginning in the 1980's, he was guided to look inside for his answers and information and is now teaching the Wisdom he gained and the processes he used.

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