Active Meditation: Techniques I used to Attain

Higher Consciousness

These Simple Techniques Worked for Me...
They Will Work for You, Too!

higher consciousness meditation


What's In It For You?

You want to be happy and successful. Everyone does. 
You also want to joyfully and easily move through your day, feeling good about yourself and the world. Everyone wants that, too.

Here's a secret: Most have trouble with all of the above.

What's the problem? Most people live externally. 

To Be Truly Happy... Our focus and awareness need to be internal.

Active Meditation is more than just a relaxation exercise. It is dynamic and helps us connect to our internal essence. The simple techniques in this report are powerful catalysts for positive change. And... They can be easily incorporated into any meditation practice...

For for beginners just starting their meditation journey and for devoted meditation practitioners.

Check out the benefits 

Find Your Peace

Active, internally focused meditation will help you find the inner peace everybody seeks.

Connect Within

These meditation techniques will help you connect with the essence and energy within.

Higher Consciousness

The ultimate goal we all share is growth in consciousness. These techniques help.


Bruce Bernstein

Meet Bruce

Bruce began a spiritual journey in the mid-1980's. He sacrificed numerous financial and life changing opportunities to pursue and understand spirituality and all it has to offer. His path was not an easy one to traverse but the knowledge and wisdom gained has been priceless.

He now enjoys sharing that knowledge and wisdom with those who have the desire to know more; with those who realize that there must be more to our world that we can see with our eyes.

We feel. We sense. We experience. It's all happening within.

They Say

What They Say

Riya Sokol

I cannot describe what kind of PROFOUND shifts it created for me after only 3 days of practicing it.

I started meditating when I was 20. Went through many ups and downs with my commitment to that “mind training” and tried TONS of different ways to meditate:

Simple silence, Vipassana, Tantra, active meditations, dance meditations, visualizations… I could write and write…

After almost 20 years, I ran onto the meditation of Bruce Bernstein: "Discovering your God Self”.

I cannot describe what kind of PROFOUND shifts it created for me after only 3 days of practicing it.

If you never meditated, start with this one. If you already are a practitioner, it will upgrade your experience to another level.

Riya sokol

Fun, Powerful, Easy to Use!
Take Your Meditation To the Next Level

Easy to learn. Can be added to any meditation practice. Simple techniques will take your consciousness to higher levels. You'll actually feel the power.

higher consciousness meditation

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