Love is an energy; a vibration.

​Many folks don't realize this. They associate Love with dating, marriage, or even intimacy. For the most part, these ​are physical needs and there is no guarantee that Love is ​part of them. 

Love is a feeling ​and this feeling is internally generated (created) by an energy, which, in turn, is created by the True Self.

A mistake many make is being ​focused on the end result (the feeling) and not the source of the feeling (the energy).

The energy of Love is the essence of all life. Love is the essence of you​. Real Love energy comes from the True Self and, believe it or not, you are a creator of this energy.

You create. You create energy. You create Love energy.

Love is always ​‘there’. But it must be allowed to express itself. ​Love is the True Self. And, as a creator, the True Self is an unlimited source of Love energy.

But almost all of us (so, we're all in this together) don't really feel this Love. It is hidden from us. Hidden by our Ego self, who masquerades as our leader, our protector.

Internally, we have many ​feelings and emotions. In any given moment, we can create: anger, jealousy, hate, frustration, and more. But these are not created by the True Self.

​These are created by your Ego self, who also is a powerful creator within, but which creates from the perspective of fear.

There is a duality within man: Love vs fear. We all have both.

To which are you attached? To which do you identify? From which do you live? Which is the driving force behind ​your behaviors and choices?

Many would like to think they resonate with their Love and would be very surprised to ​learn that this is not true. They really identify with – are attached to – their fear. They live from their Ego selves and not their True Selves.

This is not meant to be a critical statement. It is a part of being human. We are learning and we all must learn to understand this Duality within.

​This is the great challenge of humanity: To learn about our dual nature and to then choose – to make an active choice – to identify with and live from Love, from the True Self.

This is the main purpose ​for being, for life​: To learn about the True Self, and to then make an active choice to live with, and from, this most powerful aspect of our human selves.

This is our Duality. And this is the mission we all share.

If you want more Love, learn to identify with the True Self within. Be the Love which you already are.

Learning to discern between these two internal aspects of self is a critical aspect of finding and experiencing real Love.