The ​most powerful motivator of human behavior - the main driver behind the decisions we make​ - is ​Happiness. ​

We all just want to be happy.

This is not a secret. In fact, the desire for happiness is such a large part of our innate selves that it is often exploited by marketers/advertisers in their quest to sell their products.

They spend millions of dollars researching human behaviors, all with the goal of learning about ​your ‘pain’ points and how they can exploit them to create sales of their products.

It's a very effective business practice. It works. Why?

Because they know you want to be Happy.

But, what is happiness? And which aspect of self is craving this thing called happiness?

We have a duality within. One aspect requires happiness. The other is naturally happy... Always. It wants nothing. It needs nothing. It’s just happy.

So, which aspect is controlling your life? Is it the one that requires happiness – the part of you that’s on a constant search, always looking (even scheming) for the next thing that will give you that 'charge', that energy and feeling of happiness​? Are you a slave to this demanding aspect of self?

Or, are you content? Do you live from ​a more balanced aspect of self – the part of self which requires nothing and is just happy with life?

Most are attached to the former – the searcher of happiness – which is the Ego self.

Very few live from the latter – the contented aspect of self – which is the True Self.

And there is a third option: a balance between both.

The Ego self is not bad and can have a positive impact on our lives and the world. It can be motivating: motivate us to invent; motivate us to become better people (even to pursue increased consciousness); motivate us to love. It can push us to excel, even in the arena of Spirituality.

But, to make sure the Ego self does not get out of control, we must lead it. We must not let it steal the mantel of leadership; become our leader.

The Ego self needs to be subservient to the True Self. The True Self can take the Ego self’s ideas and, in proper context, use them efficiently to create in a loving way, a way which enhances the Happiness already present within.

That is a true path to Happiness in the material world. To realize our True Selves, we don’t have to live in a cave, separated from humanity and the world, as some enlightened masters have done in the past. We just need to recognize the duality within and take back ​our power, the power to choose to live from our True Selves.


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