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I'm Running a Little Late...

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Well, this is embarrassing...

Some of you have taken the Free Mini course. Others read a blog post. Or maybe you just happened to stumble onto this page and are interested in finding your unlimited happy.

Either way, I've invited you to join The Spiritual Workshop Community - an amazing place to discover unlimited Happiness, your infinite Power, and your True Self, all at a greatly reduced price: just $1.00​ - and it's not ready yet!

​You're fired up and ready to go. But I'm not quite ready to launch the community.​ I'm still working on all the life changing content.

(I confess: "I'm a perfectionist, and it is taking me a little longer than I thought it would.")

My bad. As I said: embarrassing.

Some of you may know that the special, low rate is only going to be available to the first 500 members. Since you found me early, I want to make sure you are one of them.

I don't want you to miss out!

(The list of people who've ​already reserved their spot is growing way faster than I anticipated.)​

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Please Note 2: Signing up is an 'opportunity'... Not an obligation! ​Signing up here is not a commitment to join the community. It's just your placeholder ​to guarantee ​the special, ​low rate.

You can decide to join us, or not, when you get the announcement, (email #2), ​when the community is ready​.

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Enter Your Best Email Address below to reserve your spot
for our ultra low, special first member rate: