What is Spirituality?

There is much mystery around the word Spirituality and its meaning. But it’s really very simple. We are spiritual beings with bodies, not bodies with spirits.
As spiritual beings, it is our job to understand the internal workings or ourselves. This is what Spirituality is and this is what Transformational Spirituality is all about.True Self

Is Meditation Spirituality?

No. Meditation, itself, is not spirituality. It is an activity.
Meditation is only a tool which, when used properly, can lead one to their spiritual selves. Spirituality is all about the inner, spiritual selves.

What is the True Self?

The True Self is one aspect of the Individualized Self, which is one of several internal ‘selves’. The True Self is the Love-based portion of the Individualized Self.
The other aspect of the Individualized Self is the Ego self.

What is the Ego self?

The Ego self is one of the 2 aspects of Individualized Self. The Ego self is based in fear. It’s primary energy is fear.
The Individualized Self is, for most, who they think they are. When the Ego self dominates the Individualized Self, this becomes one’s identity, which means they are driven by fear.

Who is David R. Hawkins?

Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, was an enlightened man who wrote many books on the different aspects of spirituality. Much of his work was dedicated to his Map of Consciousness, with the hope of helping people better understand themselves and spirituality.
There is more information and calibrations of consciousness here.

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