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Higher Consciousness
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We all want shortcuts. That's just human nature.
So... Rather than returning here, over and over to watch these informative videos until you memorize all the steps,
I created a quick reference 'cheat-sheet' with all information in step-by-step detail.
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What You’ll learn in these videos

The 2 videos below have information and instructions about techniques I have successfully used during meditation to increase awareness of my inner selves and raise my level of consciousness.

Video 1

  • A quick intro to a powerful breathing technique. 
  • This technique is more than just a 'relaxer'. It actually begins the process of opening the channel to your God Self.

Video 2

  • A quick into to a very powerful visualization technique.
  • This technique will help you feel the energies within you which is essential for communicating with your God Self.

" The techniques revealed in these short videos helped me become aware of my connection to my God Self. If you want to communicate with your God Self - and really hear what it is telling you - I highly recommend that you apply these techniques as part of your meditation process. "

Bruce Bernstein

Bruce Bernstein

Video #1
Breathing Technique 

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I created a quick reference 'cheat-sheet' for you, that summarizes the information in these videos.
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 Video #2...
Visualization Technique 

Improve Inner Awareness
to Feel the energy of Your God Self

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