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Discovering Your God Self is an excellent and insightful book. As the author states, it will help you find the actual essence that is yourself. It was calibrated above the level of Truth and Power within the fields of consciousness.

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Many Five Star Reviews

Find Your Truth!

"Discovering Your God Self...
The Incredible Secrets of
Your Spiritual Nature Revealed"

"I wrote this book to share wisdom gained through deep, introspective, self-evaluation and exploration. My search for spiritual truth spanned more than 30 years and continues today. This long and sometimes difficult journey included thousands of hours meditating, studying, and then incorporating the teachings of those enlightened masters into my life. My experience was filled with trial and error. Yours can be easier. 

"I had no 'roadmap' or teacher to question. Your journey can be faster than mine — more direct. Let this book be your roadmap to spiritual understanding, real and unlimited happiness, inner peace, and even greater success.”

Bruce bernstein, author
Bruce Bernstein

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Discovering your God Self...



Anyone who is on or beginning their spiritual journey will benefit greatly from this book. It's like a guide for the road map you're about to encounter. So thankful for this book.

T. Pemberton

March 2022


Written Right On Time...

This book was very well written. I truly enjoyed it and loved the help that was given. This book landed on my lap right when I was on the precipice for great change in my spirituality. I loved how it was modern and aligned with the times we are in as a collective today. Thank you very much, Mr. Bernstein for sharing this important knowledge. I hope I will be able to meet you one day!

Natascha Thomas
January 2022


Deserves Ten Stars...

This book came at just the right time for me. I was yearning for a inspiring spiritual reading experience and Bruce Bernstein’s book really spoke to me. I learned all about the five principal aspects of Self: the individual self, the communicator, the God self, the ego self, and the true self, and how they relate to one another. This book is well written and topic well explained. I was captivated from start to finish.

Cynthia G
October 2021


Growth and Perspective...

What Bruce provided me with Discovering Your God Self is greater perspective and understanding...
I recommend it to anyone with questions and an understanding that life is a continual learning process.

James P, 

Entrepreneur, Realtor


Nice Spirituality Primer...

I was very touched by Mr. Bernstein’s story and his message. This book is a wonderful way to begin a practice of self-examination and self-mastery when it comes to relating to the physical world from a place of knowing our eternal, spiritual truth. I would highly recommend!

Heidi  Heibi
Spiritual Student


Highly Recommend This Book!

Having been walking along the path of self-discovery for several decades myself, this is one of the better books I have read. It is well written and easy to read. The author breaks what could easily be overly complex information into digestible snippets and gives the reader permission to take only those things that resonate with them while learning through experience. Honestly, self-discovery can be an arduous, long and oftentimes lonely path. However, the author writes in a way that makes you feel as if he is right by your side, guiding you to look deeper while, much like an older sibling, encourages you not to take the same long winding road when there are a few shortcuts along the way, if only you know where to find them.

September 2021

This is Information Everyone Needs...

The Information shared in this book is essential for living a balanced and successful life. It's a roadmap that points the way to a journey we all must take. It's not about religion. It is about understanding your true nature and the power you already have inside. This is the essence of Spirituality.

Eliminate Fear Based, Emotional Reactions

Have you ever sabotaged yourself by reacting to something emotionally? I know I have.

This is a learned response and it seems to control much of our lives.

It doesn't have to be that way. Awareness of this very human aspect of our lives is a critical component of creating real happiness, success, and inner peace. The book reveals this complex process in great detail.

Discover the Love Within

You have only 2 real emotions inside. All others are illusions, offshoots of one or the other.

Fear and Love. These are the real emotions. Everything else is not real. Gain awareness of this and you can conquer any challenge you may face.

Create the Life You Desire - You Have The Power

It's been written many times. You have the power to do and create anything and everything you desire. Unfortunately, few share the critical 'How-To' information.

Discovering Your God Self... The Incredible Secrets of Your Spiritual Nature Revealed is schematic diagram of this essential 'How-To' information.

It shows you how and where to find the secrets to your own success, joy, real happiness (not the fleeting sort that needs to be chased and recreated), and love.

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