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Covid-19 and Spirituality

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Covid and Spirituality


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Covid-19 and Spirituality

There can be no doubt... Covid has changed our world. But is it all bad?

Certainly, there are things no human should be proud of but there were opportunities for increases in consciousness, too. Did you take advantage?

Spiritual Background

People aren’t inherently bad. We’re all made of the same stuff. We all have the same 5 components inside — the same 5 inner selves — which is the reality of our spiritual existence, our true nature.


Since we’re all the same inside, how is it possible that some people are more open, inviting, accommodating and, generally, nicer than others?

The answer to this question is very simple. One of the components we all share is the Ego self. We all have an Ego self and it develops differently for each of us; creating distinct character traits in each person — different likes, dislikes, and behaviors.

Key Takeaway...

It is the Ego self that differentiates us.

It is the Ego self that differentiates us.

Another of these 5 components, also a part of each one of us, is the God Self. We all have our own individual piece of God within ­— the God Self. God is consciousness. God is life. Your God Self is a tiny piece of this greater whole, the Greater God, and it is the source of each and every breath you take.

Pain, Suffering, and You

Given this being our nature, and I assure you, it is true, (if it weren’t, if you didn’t have a piece of God within you right now, you wouldn’t exist physically or spiritually), how is it possible for any of us to be bad or make selfish choices which inflict pain and suffering upon others?

This, too, is entirely the domain of the Ego self. Its influence causes questionable choices to be made. We all have free will and choice and this comes with a very powerful and special caveat — there is no judgment by the God Self within.

We are free to do whatever we wish, without judgment. In fact, the God Self within will even help you create the evil you desire. This is an amazing, powerful, and wonderful gift, but is also the cause of all the pain and suffering in our world.

Good or Bad?

So, we’re not bad at our core, we are all God, but we have the ability and capacity to make choices that are bad. People do bad things; stupid things; thoughtless and self-centered things, at the expense of others.

In our physical world, doing things at the expense of others — things that inconvenience or harm others, without their prior and expressed consent — is one of the worst things one can do, as it reflects back upon us spiritually. Even though there is no judgment, there are consequences to our actions.

Key Takeaway...

So, we’re not bad at our core, we are all God, but we have the ability and capacity to make choices that are bad.

Though this concept may seem foreign to some, and others will misinterpret what I’m about to say, here it is: Our existence as spiritual beings is the only real existence, the only thing that matters. The physical world is just an indulgence our spiritual selves have chosen to experience.

The Covid 19 Experience

I write this as my wife and I are on our first trip since the Covid pandemic began. It is April 3, 2021. Back in 2020, the pandemic forced the cancellation of 2 trips and had us shun opportunities for others.

We did this for our own safety, as well as the safety of our father’s, both of whom are alive and well, but in their 90’s. My father, the older of the two, is 95.

To make sure that we didn’t infect these elder family members, as well as other vulnerable people — strangers and friends alike — we took extra care to keep ourselves disease free and to consider the welfare of others.

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Avoiding Regrets and Karma

Think of the regrets one would likely have had they not been vigilant, and then brought a deadly disease upon another, a loved one. That’s not a responsibility most would want to bear.

There are those who wouldn’t feel those type of regrets. They have no regard or sensitivity to the needs or welfare of others. They are only concerned with themselves. It is the Ego self which silences any regrets or empathy for others and replaces them with justifications and obfuscations for their behaviors and choices, enabling them to ignore the welfare of their fellow man, and all living things.


In fact, there are people who claim to be oppressed by even the thought of looking out for their fellow man. In the era of Covid 19, they refuse to wear a mask in public places. Interestingly, many of these people regularly attend religious services on Sunday’s, and their self-identity is tied closely with their religion.

Some even advertise themselves as ‘religious’. They claim to believe in God; to love God. But do they really?

They misunderstand God and reality of our nature. They shun the opportunity to protect themselves, their families, and strangers with whom they contact from what is a deadly disease for some, and creates terrible, long term health issues for others.

Key Takeaway...

Some even advertise themselves as ‘religious’. They claim to believe in God; to love God. But do they really?

If these people knew that God was all around them, living within all the people they see in the world, even those they hate, would they behave differently? Would they take more care? Would they consider the ramifications and consequences of their actions? Would they still refuse to take actions to properly protect themselves and those around them?

A More Worldly View

We may never know the answers to those questions, as it is likely that the understanding of the true nature of God and the God Self within all living things is beyond the scope of their current awareness. And, unfortunately, most likely would prefer to keep it that way.

The biggest misconception that all need to overcome is the belief that God is outside of ourselves. God is not a being — not man nor woman — seated on a throne somewhere in the ethers of ‘heaven’, from which our lives are guided, controlled, and judged.

God is consciousness and it is all around, and always within. God is best considered to be more of an ‘it’, than a him or a her. God is the foundation of all the people, animals, plants, and everything else we look upon each moment of each day.

Key Takeaway...

The biggest misconception that all need to overcome is the belief that God is outside of ourselves. 

When humans learn this lesson and begin to really know and love the God Self within, their actions and choices will change, naturally, without force or even reminders. Disregarding the welfare of others will become a thing of the past. Respect and love for others will become the norm, rather than the exception, as it is for many today.

Opportunity Vs Oppression

Covid 19 has offered we humans many opportunities to learn and grow. The solitude forced upon us could be looked upon as a blessing, a chance to get in touch with the inner selves. Did you take advantage of this opportunity?

Key Takeaway...

Those who look upon Covid 19 from a positive perspective are receiving the gifts this pandemic offered.

It also gave us the chance to see how we really feel about our fellow humans. Do we care enough about them to make small sacrifices for the betterment of all? Or, do we think only of ourselves?

Those who look upon Covid 19 from a positive perspective are receiving the gifts this pandemic offered.

Those who have not considered the pandemic in this way, and who refuse to consider the welfare of their fellow humans, have shunned the gift and the God Self perspective in favor of the darkness of the Ego self.


We’re all the same inside. Knowing this changes one’s perspective. The truth is, no one really wants to harm God and the God Self, which is the source of life itself, and the essence and energy that keeps us alive. Harm, though, is done, and is always the result of ignorance of the reality of our existence.

What was your best Covid-19 experience? Did you come to any new and powerful revelations?

Post it in the comments.

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