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Consciousness Calibration:
President Barack Obama & Michelle

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    President Barack Obama & Michelle
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Consciousness Calibrations:
President Barack Obama & Michelle Obama

In this post we will examine the consciousness calibration for President Barack Obama and, since she is of so much interest to so many people, also included is the level of consciousness for Michelle Obama, the President’s wife

Dr. David R. Hawkins shared much information about consciousness and enlightenment in the many books he wrote after leaving his psychiatric practice in New York City and moving to Sedona, AZ. One of the most useful tools he created was the Map of Consciousness, to which he calibrated many things.


Using this logarithmic scale, the work of calibrating things of interest and importance to the world continues. Here, we will examine the consciousness calibration for President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama.

When looking at the calibrated level of consciousness for things, and especially for people, it is important to realize that what one sees on the outside is not what is being measured.

Intelligence, education, friendliness, and even outward attractiveness are not factors in determining the calibrated level of consciousness of a person, though these things certainly can be effected by one’s level of consciousness.

As an example, a higher consciousness person does have a tendency to value education.

Consciousness calibrations measure the interior of a person, the ‘guts’, which are the motivating factors for the thoughts one thinks and the actions one takes. It measures the depths of consciousness to which one has evolved and to which the heart is most closely aligned.

President Obama

Higher consciousness is associated with making decisions that are better for others, with being of service to others, which is a vital characteristic for a leader. This will help the leader make decisions that are intended to help others.

Key Takeaway...

Consciousness Calibration: President Barack Obama: 565

Lower consciousness is associated with making decisions that are better for oneself, which can be at the expense of others and may be hurtful to them. For a leader, low consciousness is not ideal as the tendency will be to prioritize their own interests over those of the public who they’ve been entrusted to serve.

Integrity and intent are motivating factors within each of us and these are highly affected by one’s calibrated level of consciousness.

On July 7, 2020, the date of the latest calibration made for President Obama, his calibrated level of consciousness according to Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness was 565. This is same level previously measured for him back in 2018.

Add Some 'How-To' to
Dr. Hawkins' Information...

During the years I studied Dr. Hawkins' books (almost all from Power Vs Force forward!) I often wished there was more 'How To' info included. After years of deep, introspective, self-examination, I found the inner connection to the wisdom Hawkins' wrote about.

To help you get there, too, I created a Free Guide with a couple of simple techniques that will power-up your meditation practice. Activate, Feel, and Cleanse the Chakras so you, too, can achieve higher consciousness.

These are the techniques I use. Give them a try...

Michelle Obama

It is interesting to examine the level of consciousness between spouses. Do similar levels attract one another? Or, is love truly blind, rendering the level of consciousness for 2 people of little concern?

Like attracts like. And, personalities – tastes and preferences, behaviors and choices, and desires – are impacted by one’s level of consciousness.

People do not have to agree on everything. But for a couple to remain together over time, long after the hormone-induced, animal attractions have subsided, there must be some inner compatibility.

This inner compatibility is greatly influenced by the level of consciousness. It would be difficult for 2 people whose levels of consciousness widely differ to remain together over the long term. Conversely, it also is true that 2 people whose level of consciousness are similar can separate, ending their marriage.

Key Takeaway...

Consciousness Calibration: Michelle Obama: 531

President Obama and his wife, Michelle, seem happy together, to enjoy each other’s company. So, it was not a surprise to find that the calibrated level of consciousness for Michelle Obama on July 7, 2020 was similarly high.

Michelle Obama calibrated on the Map of Consciousness at 531.

Our Leaders

Must leaders calibrate this high to be effective, compassionate, and of great service to the people they are serving? No.

People with levels in the high 300’s to mid 400’s also have done a good job in the past. The Obamas calibrated level of consciousness is very high, but leaders can do a good job from a lower level of consciousness, but not too low.

About Bruce

Bruce Bernstein has been a student of all things spiritual for over 35 years. As many do, he began with books, crystals, and other group activities. But his search became a solo journey. He had no teachers or gurus to consult with and this forced him to look within, to his inner guidance. This is where he found the best information and answers to his questions. He now teaches the things he learned with the hope of helping others more quickly accomplish what he did — to raise their level of consciousness — and to do it faster, more directly, and with fewer challenges.

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