Calibrated Level of Consciousness

Calibrate Your Level of Consciousness

Your Level of Consciousness matters. It effects all aspects of your life.

What's Your Level of Consciousness...
Where Do You Calibrate?

It has been said: Information is Power!

In a spiritual context, this is true and here's some information you might not know: Your calibrated level of consciousness determines how your life unfolds.

Knowing your current location on the path to wisdom, happiness, peace, success, and even enlightenment provides perspective. When you know where you are, it's easier to find your way to the desired destination.

When used appropriately, knowing your calibrated level of consciousness gives you a new and comprehensive perspective. It's a jumping-off point to help you manifest the experiences and successes you'd like to attract into your life, whatever they may be.

It will help you understand yourself and the internal motivators behind your choices, as well as others and the world.

Now, you can know your actual, personal level of consciousness as calibrated to Dr. David R. Hawkins' Map of Consciousness®.

(Map of Consciousness is a Registered Trademark ® of Institute for Spiritual Research, Inc.)

The Benefits of Knowing

Your Level of Consciousness

  • Know Yourself: Understand the 'Stealth', Inner Motivators that influence your Decisions and Choices... Your Life
  • Make Better Choices: Better Choices Lead to Critical and Positive Life Changes — New Experiences, the Opportunity for Different Relationships, and More Successes
  • Shed Some Light: Illuminate Your Spiritual Path. Helps uncover Wisdom, Inner Peace, and the Unlimited Happiness we all seek

In addition to a Certificate with your Calibrated Level of Consciousness,

you'll also get a guide with information about calibrations 

and our measurement process — the HeartTruth™ Method.

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