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Knowing Your Level of Consciousness

What is 'Level of Consciousness'?

Level of consciousness is a measurement of a person, an idea, an animal, and almost anything else. This measurement is made based on a scale of consciousness, a logarithmic scale created by Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD.

Dr. Hawkins was an enlightened man who taught spirituality and consciousness through lectures and the books he wrote.

Because the scale is logarithmic, the practical difference between any 2 similar spans of measurement are likely to be different, meaning that the difference between a calibration level of 100 and 400 are more extreme than just the value of the numbers.

His scale has many defined levels and spans from zero to one thousand, with level one-thousand being the highest attainable in the physical realm. The men known as Buddha, Jesus, and others calibrated at level one thousand. And there were many other enlightened people who calibrated lower than that, but above the level 600, which is the initial level of enlightenment on Dr. Hawkins' scale.

Hawkins defined and labeled some levels on the scale, such as level 200 being the level of 'Integrity' and level 600 being the initial level of Enlightenment. However one can calibrate anywhere on the scale, from Zero to One Thousand.

Many factors contribute to one's level of consciousness. Primarily, though, based on my study, one's level is closely related to inner awareness and the amount of control the Ego self is allowed to exert.

As awareness and greater familiarity is developed with the actions and energies of the Ego self and the True Self, it becomes easier to discern between these two inner voices. You will become 'consciously' able to actively choose to which voice you'd like to listen to, resonate with, and act and react from at any given point in time.

This is an indication of an increase in consciousness.


What is a calibration? Calibration usually refers to some sort of measurement. In this spiritual context, it refers to the measurement of one's level of consciousness as measured on Dr. Hawkins' scale of consciousness.

Your level of consciousness is a representation of the current state of your spiritual awareness — the extent to which you currently identify with your True Self or your Ego self.

Life is Consciousness

At the deepest levels, life is not about relationships, careers, accomplishments, or even family. Those things are all wonderful, but they are not the real purpose of life. They're just experiences.

Make no mistake... A big part of existence is about our experiences. We're here to experience anything and everything we desire, including the feelings of joy and even sadness and disappointment our experiences can generate.

So experiences are great... But they're not the goal.

In fact, the goal of life — the one purpose we all share — is using our experiences to learn and grow. To increase consciousness. That's the goal.

Along the way, we all want to be happy and healthy and we want to feel peaceful and content. This is where your calibrated level of consciousness comes into play.

At the lower levels of consciousness, life seems like a continual race to the next big thing. These become placebos we use to artificially create the mostly absent feelings of peace, contentment, and the true, unlimited happiness we all crave.

For most, shortly after that next big thing has come to an end, so do the artificially created feelings.

So... We begin searching for the next big thing, and the next, and the next, and so on. Life becomes an endless search, a rapidly spinning hamster wheel that can be difficult to stop. If that's your life, take it as a sign.

It's time to get off that wheel!

That's where knowing your level of consciousness can be a helpful tool. It will help you contextualize your life and the choices you make and this will increase the likelihood of meaningful change. (You can't change something until you realize a change is needed!)

Those changes can ultimately lead to increased consciousness, if that is your intent. And, as you grows in consciousness, your view of reality will also change. You will come to the realization that all these things are actually within. You will learn to experience things from the inside-out, rather than outside-in.

Judge Not

A calibrated level of consciousness is not about judgment. Dr. Hawkins cautioned about this. It is about knowledge and awareness. It is a tangible expression to examine and better understand spirituality, which many see as intangible. It provides a jumping-off point to create change; to make improvements.

It is not to be used to put down others or to elevate yourself. it is not about saying "I calibrate at ???, so I must be better than him/her." One can calibrate higher than another, yet still be a worse person.

Judgment aside, this information can help one make difficult choices. As an example, it can be used in understanding relationships. If a relationship is not working, one's level of consciousness might be a factor, just as it might be in the context of a career/job situation or almost any other aspect of life.

Better Choices

Armed with information about yourself, it can be easier to make changes and better choices — choices that better serve you and our world. If you know what you want to change and, more importantly, the motivation behind your desires, it becomes easier to sift through the best options. The reasons why you want to make a change might be directly tied to your calibrated level of consciousness.

So, knowing your level of consciousness can offer context for your motivations and choices. When used appropriately, this can be critical information as you create and navigate life's experiences.

Armed with better and more complete information, you can begin employing your new awareness to create real and meaningful change in your life.

Knowledge is Power

How do I know this can work for you? We're all the same on the inside. And, at the deepest levels of our existence, we're all on an identical path: the path to Enlightenment.

If having this information to draw upon helped me — helped me change myself, my choices, my state of being (happiness, fulfillment, and peace) and, thus, my life — it will work for you, too.


There is only variable. The only real question that only you can answer is: How quickly will I get there? Your answer will depend on your level of motivation and dedication. What is your intent? How committed are you?

The greater the motivation, and the more dedicated you are to seeing things through to their natural conclusion, the faster things will happen. This does not mean you give up everything in life to live in a cave like a monk.

Not at all. In fact, that is completely contrary to the idea of life, unless that is exactly what you want to do. And, if that's what you want to do, please go do that.

But... Life is to be lived and experienced in whatever way you desire. you can have it all. You can do whatever you want and still live spiritually.

Remember the purpose, the goal. All things in life are changeable. You can push the process forward. Active participation is the way.

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