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Blueprint for Life & Spirituality

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Blueprint for Life


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If you don't understand the creative process, you're path through life is more likely to be random. There is a Blueprint...


Most people live randomly. Sure, many have a masterplan, a bigger picture of what they’d like to experience, and they do act to create this. But most don’t go beyond that. After taking some action, they often employ hope, circumstance, and happenstance, and then accept what comes.

They fail to realize that they have much more power to create the life they desire.

Ultimately, it’s not the masterplan that matters most. It’s the micro-plan. It’s about the smaller choices we make — those which may seem insignificant. These often shape our lives. And these are usually made unconsciously, without awareness of the subtle influencers operating within.

You’re a Builder

Think about a home builder. They build houses, small and large, but always from plans — a blueprint. Without this, they would be lost.

The construction process would be much more difficult, if not impossible. And it would take much longer because each step in the building process would have to be considered and implemented on-the-fly, during the construction process. This sort of in-the-moment planning could delay or stop the building process entirely. That’s because it’s not really a ’plan’. It would be more of a disorganized, random collection of actions.

Even if this disorganized random collection of actions are done well, and with an intention to create something of high quality, can a really nice house be quickly and efficiently completed without detailed plans — without a blueprint?

Probably not. Sure, a home can be built, and it might be pretty good. But the likelihood that it will be something great and finished in the fastest time possible is diminished, maybe even impossible.

Build Consciousness

Are you conscious of what you are building? Are you consciously creating your life?

Foundation for Success 

Success is in the smaller details. Will the correct fasteners and wood be used? Will all the plumbing be in the right place? What about the electrical outlets? And then there’s the foundation and the walls… Will everything match up the way it needs to for a solid, safe, functional, and beautiful home? And will it be built in the most efficient way and as fast as it could be?

Your life is just like that. You are the builder of your life. It is true that somethings we experience were planned by us, for ourselves prior to our birth. Those will usually happen regardless of our actions. However, everything else that happens in this life, everything you create, is up to you. You get to choose. You are the creator of your successes and your failures.

You Need a Blueprint… A Spiritual Blueprint

If you’re not using the architectural tools available to you — a spiritual blueprint — in the right way, you may be able to create a life that is acceptable, even enjoyable at times. But your creations and any successes you experience are more likely to be random, rather than probable.

When you use your internal tools — powers you were given at birth — your likelihood for success is greatly increased. Less random. More direct. And the creation process will be more fulfilling and enjoyable.

And, conversely, it is far more difficult to consistently create a life that is beautiful, enjoyable, filled with successes, peace, and unlimited love and happiness when you don’t employ these powers.

There is a blueprint for life, but it was not planned and created by some external and unseen force, which many mistakenly believe. There is not a single entity sitting on a gold throne somewhere in ‘heaven’ that plans the path for each person living on the planet and in the universe.

Such a belief is one of the many misconceptions about how our universe works.

Key Takeaway...

If you’re not using the architectural tools available to you — a spiritual blueprint — in the right way, you may be able to create a life that is acceptable, even enjoyable at times. But your creations and any successes you experience are more likely to be random, rather than probable.

Be an Architect

You have more control than you may believe 

Create Consciously

In fact, you create your life. And there’s also a blueprint created by you. This blueprint can be found in your spiritual nature. This is the seat of your true power.

Your internal spiritual structure is the foundation of everything you experience and create, both the good and the not so good, in this, our physical world. The ease and speed that your life’s creations manifest depends on your level of awareness and your willingness to employ the innate power contained in your spiritual nature.

Connect with this inner energy ad use its immense power. Many have forgotten that it is the most basic and fundamental aspect of themselves, and that it will provide a blueprint for the creation of everything desired.

Unfold and employ this blueprint — use this inner tool appropriately — and the likelihood of successfully creating the life you want increases. You have the power to deliberately control and create your life experiences, including all the successes, loves, happiness, and even all the money you want.

But the process isn’t instant. You can’t just think of something and poof, it magically appears. Certainly, this can happen sometimes, and some people are skilled at instant manifestation. For most, though, manifestation is a process, and this process can take time.

With commitment and persistence, though, the process will work. Feel the inspiration within and follow this guidance. This is what can be described as taking inspired action.

Become an Architect

An architect is the builder’s best friend. It is the architect who creates the blueprint for a home. But becoming an architect requires learning many things: calculous, physics, understanding materials and their different strengths, weaknesses, and best uses and, of course, design, to name a few. Only after a person has mastered these basics, and more, can one truly call themselves and architect.

It is the same with our humanness. To become masters of our own lives, we must learn and understand things about our true nature — the spiritual aspects of ourselves and the powers these aspects hold.

We must understand the uncommon strength and creative power we each own and learn to draw upon its guidance and then we can become the architects of our own lives. Without this knowledge — this deep connection within — we are limited.

In fact, neglecting this part of ourselves makes us more of a victim. When we behave as a victim, we then focus and rely on luck and circumstance, rather than being an actual maestro, consciously creating the life we’d like to live.

Key Takeaway...

To become masters of our own lives, we must learn and understand things about our true nature — the spiritual aspects of ourselves and the powers these aspects hold.

Are you Compromising?

Living like this becomes a compromise. We often lower expectations and, yet we still fail, simply because we were never taught the truth about our true spiritual nature and innate power. We have forgotten who we are and where to find our true creative power.

The answer is: Look within. It’s all there. Develop internal awareness. Find the different aspects of yourself within and become intimately familiar with them. This will lead you to the duality within, which actively shapes your life, often beneath the surface of your awareness. Developing conscious awareness of these internal essences — shedding light on these unseen powers — brings the internal components influencing your choices into focus. This is what higher consciousness is all about.

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About Bruce

Bruce Bernstein has been a student of all things spiritual for over 35 years. As many do, he began with books, crystals, and other group activities. But his search became a solo journey. He had no teachers or gurus to consult with and this forced him to look within, to his inner guidance. This is where he found the best information and answers to his questions. He now teaches the things he learned with the hope of helping others more quickly accomplish what he did — to raise their level of consciousness — and to do it faster, more directly, and with fewer challenges.

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