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Discovering Your God Self is an excellent and insightful book. As the author states, it will help you find the actual essence that is yourself. It was calibrated above the level of Truth and Power within the fields of consciousness.

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Discovering Your God Self...
The Incredible Secrets of
Your Spiritual Nature Revealed

"Please read the book, you will never be
the same after reading it."

Dr. S. D Yancey-Stewart

Amazon ★★★★★

Here's what people are saying about Discovering your God Self:


What Bruce provided me with Discovering Your God Self is greater perspective and understanding... 
I recommend it to anyone with questions and an understanding that life is a continual learning process.

James P, 

Entrepreneur, Realtor


I was very touched by Mr. Bernstein’s story and his message. This book is a wonderful way to begin a practice of self-examination and self-mastery when it comes to relating to the physical world from a place of knowing our eternal, spiritual truth. I would highly recommend!

Heidi  Heibi
Spiritual Student


He argues that one doesn't construct a fulfilling spirituality. He believes it already exists and is revealed when one strips away the personal and societal impediments to what Bernstein calls the God-Self. Bernstein offers a unique perspective for those seeking to ascend to a higher level of spirituality, one drawn from his journey.

William Ade

This is Information Everyone Needs...

The Information shared in this book is essential for living a balanced and successful life. It's a roadmap for your journey to awareness and higher consciousness.

It's not about religion. This is the essence of Spirituality and can be incorporated into all religions and religious practices.

Awaken to a new reality — one filled with peace, success, contentment, and the confident feeling that comes from the awareness and love within.

Gain Awareness and Control

Have you ever sabotaged yourself by reacting to something emotionally? I know I have.

This is a learned response usually dictated by an inner aspect called the Ego self. Without inner awareness, it will control our lives.

It doesn't have to be that way. Awareness is a critical component of our human experience. It enables you to create real happiness, success, and helps you find inner peace. 

Create the Life You Desire:

Discover the Love Within

You have only 2 real emotions inside. All others are illusions, offshoots of one or the other.

Fear and Love. These are the foundation for your emotions and the choices you make.

With awareness — the discovery of how these work — you can conquer any challenge you may face, and create the life and lifestyle you desire.

From relationships and family, to success in the world — however you define that for yourself — all is possible.

Understand Your Spiritual Nature and the Secrets it Holds

Your Spiritual nature is a complex relationship between several inner components.

This is what has been termed the Duality within. 

Learn all about this and how to use this information to advance your awareness and raise your level of consciousness.

Discovering Your God Self... The Incredible Secrets of Your Spiritual Nature Revealed is a schematic, a step-by-step diagram, of this essential information.

Stop chasing... Start creating.

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