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What's The Purpose of Life?
Self-Discovery and Higher Consciousness
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Spirituality is For Everyone

Bruce Bernstein

A Hike In The Mountains

Spirituality and the topic of 'God' might be the most misunderstood and even misused subjects known to man. Many misconceptions and falsehoods have been wrongly attached to these terms.

(Please Note: I use these terms reluctantly as their meanings are so often confused and misinterpreted, but they do provide some commonality.)

Spirituality is a journey to understanding our inner selves — the shared essence and energy which exists within all. When we understand ourselves, we understand others. We understand the world. We make better choices leading to better experiences and a more fulfilling and successful life.

We can consciously create our own reality. We can have the experiences we desire and the life we want. But only when we have developed conscious awareness of the Inner Selves, and have learned to actively and properly use these aspects of our human nature.

This is Spirituality. It is for everyone and it's already at work within everyone, either consciously or unconsciously. Those who don't realize this are more likely to be living an 'unconscious' life. Too many fall into this category.

It is easy to change. Awareness is the key.

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From Discovering Your God Self

“Things can be easy for us, or they can be hard. We can make good decisions and we can make bad ones. We can have a life that is filled with more joy, or a life of constant struggle, disappointment, and sadness. All this is up to us. Our experiences and results are simply outcomes of the decisions we make. So, it only makes sense to become aware of your inner motivations, to understand the cogs that turn beneath the surface and how these actively shape and determine your choices.”

Bruce Bernstein

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Meditation: A Tool That Will Help

Here's a revelation: Meditation is not spirituality.

But... It is a wonderful tool to help you connect with the inner selves and your God Self, and that is spirituality.

The most important thing to know about meditation is that it can be practiced many ways. The goal, however, should always be the same.

That goal is: To deepen awareness of, and connect to the inner selves and the God Self. These are the essence of you. They all are within you right now, including the God Self. Becoming aware of them is the purpose we all share. Developing the ability to Actively and Consciously use them to create your best life is the goal.

Meditation should not be limited to helping you relax, although this is a nice side effect.

It can be so much more than that when you actively use it for self discovery and inner connection. There are very simple things you can do during your meditation to help you develop inner awareness and focus.

I have learned and developed several powerful techniques that deepen meditation and help build and strengthen awareness of the inner selves enabling a renewal and strengthening of the connection to the inner God Self.

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Bruce Bernstein

Inner Peace Can Be Found In Nature

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